C.R.A.N.E.S., Inc.
POB 3413
Madison, WI 53704 USA

Incorporated 13 January 2009
A Wisconsin Non-profit
Federal EIN 26-4056421

Fiscal Agent:
Madison Area Bus Advocates
A Tax-exempt 501(c)3 Non-profit

Capital Region Advocacy Network for Environmental Sustainability


A sampling of written comments/position papers and list of activities in which CRANES actively monitors or participates.

SKY! Climate change, clean air, energy, transportation, etc.
EARTH! Natural/agricultural/cultural resources, land use/planning, etc.
WATER! Quality, quantity, watersheds, etc.

  Central Dane County Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)
    RTA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-NOV09.pdf
  Madison Area Transportation Planning Board
  North Mendota Parkway


  Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC)

Urban Service Area Amendment Applications (USAAAs

      Middleton City & Westport Township (T. Wall Properties)
      CARPC (USAAA Bishops Bay)-12 NOV 09
      Questions CARPC (USAAA Bishops Bay)-rev17 NOV 09.pdf
      CARPC (USAAA Bishops Bay)-28NOV09
  Madison City (Northeast Neighborhood)
    CARPC (USAAA Northeast Neighborhood)-11FEB10
  Madison City & Verona Township (Shady Woods)
    CRANES-Letter CARPC (USAAA Shady Tree)-12NOV09.pdf
  Verona City
    C RANES-Letter Dean Health System CEO (Verona USAA)- v12AUG09.pdf
  Mazomanie Village
    WDNR Letter Atty (USAAA Mazomanie denial)-23NOV09.pdf
Policy & Criteria
  CRANES-Letter CARPC (Workplan & Budget)-10SEP09
  CRANES-Letter CARPC (Procedures)-10SEP09
Dane County Conservation Programs
  CRANES-Letter Dane Co Supervisors-16NOV09.pdf
  Dane County Lakes & Watershed Commission

CRANES-Letter Dane Co L&W Comm (Riparian Regs)-vSEP09

  Yahara Lakes Legacy Partnership